Why Buying a Green Home is a Great Choice Now

Think back to your last vacation to an ecological destination and the sheer feeling of bliss and uninhibited freedom you experienced. That light hearted feeling of escaping from city life may have stayed with you for days or even weeks. Nature has a way of setting the soul free. Rightly said, where flowers bloom, so does happiness. 

Why are so many people in Pune opting for green homes? 

The amount of personal satisfaction that people feel has a direct correlation with the environment they choose to surround themselves with. After all, we’re not meant to be living in urban jungles made of cement skyscrapers punctuated by chaotic roads. Our soul silently yearns for more. For those who listen to their inner voice, a green home is exactly what they aspire to own. 

A green home is not for everyone. Or is it? A new wave of home buyers in Pune seems to think they are

What makes Pune different from other cities is its unique location close to hills and patches of nature that are close to the city. Environmentally, Pune has experienced rapid change in the last few years, but memories of the green paradise that city used to be are still fresh in people’s minds.
That’s why Pune leads the market in its demand for green homes, which are very much accessible here. Famous areas that people invest in green homes in Pune are: 
  • Purandar 
  • Mulshi 
  • Tamini Ghat
  • Mukaiwadi 

So what makes an eco-home so accessible and affordable?

The first thing is the affordable price tag that they come with. All you need to build your ecohome is to buy a piece of fenced land in a gated community. NA plots in the above areas are affordable. A 1076 sq.ft. plot of land at Purandar Paradise can cost as low as Rs. 7 lacs.
Considering the cost of apartments in Pune, land at such an attractive price can be hard to resist. Just imagine, when you build an eco home, you don’t just own the house but also the land it sits on, which brings so much satisfaction and joy all through the year. 

What exactly is an eco home?

There’s a common misconception that since we live in a populated country like India, we will never be able to experience a tranquil life. This is completely false! 
People living in eco homes in India can have the same level of peace and solitude as those living in other countries. Pune has wonderful salabricious weather and lots of natural abundance – including hills, water bodies, eco farms, meditation centers, and wooded enclaves. 
Now, to answer the question of what exactly a green home is. It is a residence or farmhouse that is made from ecologically sustainable materials that are local and do not damage the environment. Green homes are in harmony with the environment. They produce less waste and pollution and have a lower carbon footprint. Green homes rely on renewable energy like solar or hydropower. They are usually made of eco-friendly materials like wood, stone or bricks. 

What should I include in the architecture when building my own eco home at Purandar Paradise? 

After you buy a plot at Purandar Paradise, the type of villa or farmhouse you choose to build is completely up to you. Some of the popular types of homes that people in Purandar Paradise have envisioned are as follows: 
  • A Greek or Mediterranean style villa that has lots of ventilation and numerous balconies. 
  • A luxury English-style cottage with a garden and stone walls surrounded by a fruit orchard. 
  • A contemporary and private villa with a minimalistic design and a glass facade 
Green homes may also have a small vegetable patch or a garden where you can relax and spend your leisure time in nature with your children. Many owners of eco homes enjoy the privilege of growing organic fruits and vegetables. 

Discover a luxurious dimension of eco living at Purandar Paradise. 

Before Purandar Paradise began the process of plotting and fencing land, the developer did a survey of all the natural gifts that were available. They created a list of dozens of species of birds, animals, butterflies, and plants. There was an abundance of fruit bearing trees like berries, figs, and mango. 
The aim of the builder at Purandar Paradise was to preserve the natural beauty while making land available to people from the city who wanted green homes.
Purandar Paradise is a gated community that includes:
  • Residential plots in varied sizes starting from Rs. 7 lacs
  • Clear land titles with no hidden charges and govt. Taxes
  • Farm management and resort homes with assured rentals 
  • Electricity and water supply 
  • Wide internal roads and world-class planning
  • Clubhouse and party lawn with kids play area
  • Landscaped gardens, indoor and outdoor games center 
  • Tree plantation, ayurvedic spa, and yoga mediation center 
At Purandar Paradise, we will give you our real estate expertise and assist you in building a private nature escape, as you envision it. To make this investment an even greater opportunity, we offer assured rental for your property, and also give you one free weekend every month to experience our hospitality at your private resort home.