Which house should I buy – more expensive in the city or cheaper far away?


If you’re reading this article you’re probably in the market to buy a home. The evaluation phase of buying a home is the most important. Afterall, a home is a big ticket investment – by all means one of the biggest you may make in your life. If it’s worth being done – it definitely is important to be done right.

Sky-high rates for homes in the city have caused a migration of home buyers to look outside the city for bigger homes. They come with more amenities and a better lifestyle – at a fraction of the price.

The type of home that suits you is determined by your budget, the kind of lifestyle you envision for your family and of course, the value you get from the property you buy.

In this article we are going to take an objective look at the advantages and disadvantages that homes outside the main city have in comparison to homes in the city.

Homes outside the city have considerably better value

What would you choose? A high priced apartment in a residential block or a home that stands on its own piece of land in a gated community? Depending on the location, both may cost exactly the same.

Land in gated communities outside the city is extremely affordable. All you have to do is pay  a little extra to build your dream villa or row house. You receive more space than an apartment at a fraction of the price.

A villa outside the city gives you freedom to modify

Tired of the one size fits all approach to life? We are all unique individuals and our choices and lifestyle reflects that.

Homes in the city are built by builders who usually follow a run of the mill template for how their homes will look. So, if you’ve seen one apartment in the city you’ve seen them all.

If you buy a plot and construct your home, you get the freedom to choose the architecture and features. This means that your home can have many more features according to your lifestyle. For example, an extra garage, study rooms, an outhouse, green house, loft, skydeck, children’s playroom, foyer, pantry. swimming pool, pond ect.

Here are some common styles of villas that people at Purandar Paradise are envisioning:

  • Mediterranean style that has ventilation shafts and numerous balconies.
  • Villa with a greenhouse or outhouse for you to soak up the sun
  • Luxury English-style cottage with garden and fruit orchid
  • Contemporary villa with minimalistic style & glass facade
  • Villas with private swimming pools, fountains, landscaped lawns and sports courts

Land value leap frogs compared to apartments

As a thumb rule, the value of land multiplies much faster than the value of an apartment. With the size of many city’s expanding at a rapid pace, and the frequency with which IT parks and industrial are being built around the periphery – areas in the outskirts are starting to rise in value quickly.

Buying land and constructing a home outside the city can be very beneficial for you in the long run when the progress of development reaches your property.

A better lifestyle for your family

By now, you must be no stranger to City life and the hectic race you experience throughout the day. However, once you leave the city limits, life can take on a more relaxed pace. City limits have less pollution, more nature, less crime, traffic jams and noise pollution. If you want to give your family the very best environment to grow closer together, an out of town home is an attractive option.

You can add green features to your home

Are you the kind of person who likes to live in a way that is one with nature? A green home is a possibility when you buy land outside the city. You can include features like solar electricity, rainwater harvesting, a vegetable patch and garden surrounding your home and so much more. If your out-of-town home is a second home, then you have the freedom to build it with sustainable materials in a style that matches your taste.

At Purandar Paradise, we will give you our real estate expertise and assist you in building a private nature escape, as you envision it. Making this investment an even greater opportunity, we offer assured rental for your property, and also give you one free weekend every month to experience our hospitality at your private resort home.

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